Meet Sienny

The Mood Lab Creative Director

Hi and welcome. I’m Sienny, the face behind the studio. I previously had an extensive experience working in strategic communications before extending my expertise to the visuals. I started The Mood Lab out of a dream to motivate my creative side to keep exploring and creating. This is exactly why I love to help people discover and visualize their brand, as it allows me to develop myself as well in the process.

The core identity of my design style is highly influenced by the bold minimalists. Although I’m an avid traveller, I’m based mostly in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I’m continuously inspired by the minimalist Scandinavian expressions in buildings, mindset & overall lifestyle. This environment has encouraged me to design things that are reflexive of these designs. I always think that when we strip away all the fluff, that’s where we truly can see the raw beauty of things. This is also my approach to design: To tell an authentic story that is a representative of you & your brand.

To know that we are capable to make something out of pure imagination is truly magical. Let’s work together to make your dream brand come true.

Some of Our Clients

We've had the privilege to work with many amazing, international clients from different backgrounds and industries. Here are some of them.